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  There's one—and pretty much only one—good thing to say about television. Hook it up to a VCR and voilà, you have a powerful tool for visually learning what's going on in the world. Make use of it! Support the progressive groups below by buying their inspiring, provocative videos.
The Ad and the Ego
Ancient Futures: Learning From Ladakh
Fury for the Sound: The Women at Clayoquot
Warning: The Media May Be Hazardous To Your Health
The Ad and the Ego
The average American is exposed to 1500 ads a day. This relentless barrage of messages not only trains us to buy, buy, buy, but also effects our values, identities and sense of what is "normal." Highly provocative, this video makes the connections between consumerism, environmental degradation, and our blind faith in growth at any cost.
California Newsreel
149 Ninth Street/ 420
San Francisco, CA 94103
Ancient Futures: Learning From Ladakh
Ladakh is a beautiful desert land high in the Western Himalayas, home to a vibrant, self-contained culture. And then came Westerners with pollution, inflation, unemployment, and greed. Both the book and the video provide extraordinary insights about the cultural and environmental problems of development.
International Society for Ecology and Culture
P.O. Box 9475
Berkeley, CA 94709
UK: (01803) 868650
Fury for the Sound: The Women at Clayoquot
It is estimated that 80% of environmental activists world-wide are women. This is the story of hundreds of women, ages 8 through 80, who were arrested in 1993 for refusing to let loggers clearcut the last vestiges of old growth rainforest in Clayoquot Sound in Western Canada. Modeled after the anti-nuclear Greenham Common peace camp in England, this video is a tribute to women's power to protect our planet.
Telltale Productions
1956 East 3rd Ave.,
Vancouver, BC V5N 1H5
Phone: 1.604.255.9363
Fax: 1.604.255.9369
Email: info@telltale.tv
Warning: The Media May Be Hazardous To Your Health
Former high fashion model turned media activist, Ann Simonton examines the ways in which women are degraded day in and day out by the mainstream media. This deeply effecting video dramatically shows how sexism and violence mediate our sense of self.
Media Watch
P.O. Box 618
Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Phone/Fax: 831.423.6355
Email: mwatch@cruzio.com