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Links to Allies


The links below present a good cross-section of the many different movements and issues with which ecofeminism is concerned.

The Campaign for Food Safety
Founded by Jeremy Rifkin, this important activist group's is helping to build a consumer/farmer/labor/progressive retailer boycott of genetically engineered and chemically contaminated foods. Go organic!

Dream Change Coalition
At the request of Amazonian and Andean shamen, Dream Change organizes "reverse missionary" trips whereby shamen help Western peoples recapture ancient memories of how to be whole and at one again with nature. The group also helps the shamanic communities protect their land from developers.

Earth Island
The Earth Island Institute does really righteous work, providing innovative action for a multitude of international environmental projects. The Earth Island Journal is an excellent, respected publication, and a source of vital information.

Ecofeminism blog
Authored by Jeanne Neath and Paula Mariedaughter, this radical ecofeminist blog covers such topics as equity and climate change, abortion and feminist revolution. Their blogs are not typical short blogs, but are instead essays with substance.

A action packed site devoted to nonprofit environmental groups. This wonderful organization is EVE ONLINE's web host.

First rate stop for anything and everything feminist, including "Ask Amy" (an interactive advice column), a women's animated art gallery, classified ads, and probably the most extensive list of women's resources around.

Gorilla Foundation
Based in
Woodside, California, this foundation's most famous residents are Koko and Michael, two lowland gorillas renown for their works of art. Visit their online gallery of beautiful vibrant paintings and experience proof positive why experimenting on animals is criminal in the extreme.

Greenpeace International
Sometimes it seems like they've gotten so big that they resemble one of those liberal environmental lobby groups. But visit their site and you'll be reminded of the important work they do in thwarting multinational corporate eco-criminals.

Heal the Earth
This is the online presence of a Canadian community radio show that does a superb job of monitoriing the environmental edge, including climate collapse, indigenism, the police state, and political prison support.

Human Kindness Foundation
This interfaith spiritual community, founded by Bo and Sita Lazoff, stresses 3 basic principles: simple, modest living; dedicating one's life to service; and commitment to daily spiritual practice. A major focus of their work is the Prison-Ashram Project. The Dalai Lama wrote the intro to Bo's most successful book, We're All Doing Time.

Indigenous Environmental Network
This grassroots alliance is proof positive that Native peoples are the rightful leaders of the environmental movement. Browse their excellent site to find out how to align with the international indigenous movement in protecting our planet.

The Institute for Animals and Society
This think tank is dedicated to institutional change by raising the standard of public debate on animals. It provides scholarly research and analysis, education and training, and fostering cooperation with other social movements.  They formerly published the excellent magazine, "The Animals Agenda.”

Living and Raw Live
Heeding the living foods lifestyle is probably the best kept secret in the world on how to achieve maximum physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Our species ate raw-live for thousands of centuries before cooked foods was discovered. Many raw foodists claim human health has spiraled downward ever since.

Media Watch
Are you fed up with advertising's absurd, misogynist images of women? Do you feel like they're mainstreaming pornography? If you want to do something about it, connect with Media Watch, a fabulous grassroots organization for challenging racism, sexism and violence in the media through education and action.

Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly
Created by an environmental research foundation in
Maryland, their free weekly email newsletter offers serious, informative articles on environmental and health issues. An invaluable research tool. Many of the articles are must-reads.

Satya was an alternative free magazine based in
New York City whose right-on mandate was vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice. Although now out of print, each issue was consistently provocative and informative, and always respectfully advocated activism and theory.

Eating low on the food change is a cornerstone to good health, environmental responsibility and respect for other animals. This site explores all those angles and more such as spirituality, recipes, and composting.

Women's Environment and Development Organization
WEDO is probably the world's leading public policy organization devoted to women's issues. While they advocate at the international and United Nations level, their agenda is highly supportive of local, culturally diverse grassroots groups.

Women's Environmental Network
Based in
London, this ecofeminist action group focuses on environment and health. They have had successful public information campaigns on chlorine free paper, sanitary protection, wasteful packaging, dioxins, nappies, and pesticides in chocolate.