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Mindful Consumption
Tweedledum and Tweedledee aside, you vote, don't you? Well, each purchase you make is like a daily act of voting. Money is reconstituted energy. Look for every opportunity big and small to give it back to people who care. Support progressive companies. Shop alternative!
The Keeper
Have you heard about The Keeper, the low-cost, earth friendly, healthier alternative to tampons? This safe, easy to use menstrual cup is worn internally during the menstrual cycle. Crisp clear photographs show how it works. Also consider from Gladrags, organic cotton reusable menstrual pads.
Shop with a consciousness. Everything from books, a national restaurant guide, investments, clothing, office products, travel, you name it. Lots of other eco resources, too.
Mother Tongue, Ink's Web site promotes their primary publication, WeMoon, an astrological moon calendar/appointment book designed to help women keep in tune with their natural rhythms. The ecofeminist poetry and art in the books are notable for their grassroots diversity and creativity.