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Meditation for Mother Earth
In the early 90s a few women connected with EVE formed a group called Selene Circle that met once a month to honor the feminine miracle of our ability to bleed in tune with the rhythms of the moon.

One month we were not able to convene, so instead we did a "psychic circle." For ten minutes at an agreed upon day and hour, we channeled our collective gynergy into the universe as we focused on the following poem.

This poem was subsequently published in WeMoon '95.

By Cathleen McGuire

Pick a toxic waste site.
Imagine hundreds of women gathered together
Ritually pouring buckets of menstrual blood
Directly onto this wounded part of our sacred planet

The mega-nutrients from women's blood
Seeping their way into the pores,
The veins, the bowels,
Into the very consciousness
Of Mother Earth Herself.

Visualize deep, primordial healing.

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