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Welcome to EVE ONLINE, a Web site devoted to ecofeminism.

If you're new to ecofeminism, you'll find the entire site a good introduction to the subject. If you're already familiar with ecofeminism, please feel free to contribute articles, Web site links, activist information, or resources.

My name is Cathleen McGuire, creator and WebGoddess for EVE ONLINE. The opinions found in EVE ONLINE do not purport to represent all ecofeminists. My own interpretation of ecofeminism in fact is constantly evolving, as should everyone's !

Although most of the content on this site was created in the early 1990's, because it was so cutting edge, much of the writings are still quite relevant today.

Excellent Ecofeminist video
To understand ecofeminism, watch Ecofeminism Now, a seminal video produced by Greta Gaard. a leading ecofeminist activist and scholar. Featuring interviews with many well-known ecofeminists, the video is an excellent overview of ecofeminism.